Jetpack mifi 8800 DATA??
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Just switched to vzw after 20 years with att. Brought my own phone over and purchased a hotspot device and plan (both devices on unlimited, Get More/phone Unlimited+/hotspot). Less than a week into my Verizon relationship, I’m over my 30Gb data. 
Looking at my data usage, they show:

day 1 - 13Gb used

day 2 - 8Gb used 

I had not yet migrated my att phone service, so was utilizing the hotspot data.

Upon checking my screen time usage, I spent one hour playing a single player game that was already on my phone (day 1). 
On day 2, I browsed the Amazon and Target apps both already on my phone. 

The remaining days data usage they show never exceeds 1Gb, typically .1/.3Gb. I did not play any games, but did browse via safari and existing apps. 

My data usage with att for the entire month of May was 15Gb. Historically averaging around 10Gb/month.

ANY IDEAS?! I am regretting the switch, and considering going back to att. Not a great first impression of Verizon. 

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If you signed up mid billing cycle your gigs will be pro-rated for that billing cycle. Do not know if that was your case or not. Hope this helped.