Jetpack set up

My old jetpack was getting hot, not working correctly, so they sent me a new one.  They told me I'd have to install old SIM card into the new device, but the new device came with a SIM card.  The SIM cards were not able to be removed to a point that I felt I was going to break it.  Called support to get help.  All three times I've called for help they acted like they were trying to help for a minute or two then they tried to sell me warranty info - every single time.  I said NO, NO, just please help me get my device up and running.  After trying to sell me multiple times, they put me on hold and hung up every time.  

They never had any intention of helping.  I asked is this really technical support, and they said yes.  They lied...

Worst service ever!!  Disrespectful, insulting, unethical, and on and on.  

I will be canceling all of my device and going with another company in short order.  Pathetic, and yes, I'm very angry.

Scott Wirtjes

Re: Jetpack set up
Customer Service Rep



Having a Jetpack work the way it's supposed to is vital. We pride ourselves on great customer service and I'm sad to hear your experience was not as good as it should have been. I'm eager to help out and turn this situation around so we can keep you in the Verizon family. Please respond to the private message I'm sending your way.