Jetpack with high data cap?
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We have 5 jetpacks that are all on the "new Unlimited plan." It's not really unlimited, as they all are capped at 15 GB of usable data. The 3G speed is not usable. They cost about $40 per month each line for a grand total of about $240/month out of my bank monthly for 5*15 = 75 GB of data. 

Where we live there is no other way to get internet. The jetpacks work great until they throttle to 3G speeds and then they aren't useful anymore. What we really need is a jetpack - just a single jet pack without a phone - that has a true 50-100 GB data cap. Is there anything like that for a reasonable price? I can't understand verizon's plan structure... there is this thing called the "Get More Unlimited" plan that looks like what we need, but I guess it's for phones only. There is no category for Jetpack only plans it seems... Am I the only person in the world that just wants needs a Jetpack internet only plan? 

Any thoughts on what my best options are?

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I started out with Verizon on a jet pack only plane and I have 150 gigs per month

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Lowdown0621, we can definitely help with checking on a different data plan option for your Jetpack account. Please send us a Private Note for better assistance. *Jose

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Move somewhere with infrastructure?

These aren't home internet replacements. I've lived somewhere where sat with a small cap and dialup were the only options -- I didn't stay there very long.


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Hello, we want to aid you in the best way possible. Being on top of our plans is important, especially if you are administering your usage.


Here are your data plans options for your Jetpack:

  • If you have an Unlimited plan you can add a Jetpack to your account for $20/month.
  • If you have a Shared Data Plan (e.g., S, M, L): Your Jetpack shares your plan's monthly data amount and the monthly line access fee is $10.
  • If you think your monthly data usage will be 1 GB or less, you can consider getting a single device plan, which is $10 for 1 GB/month when you have Auto Pay and paper-free billing for your account.  Without Auto Pay and paper-free billing, the cost is $15 for 1 GB/month.
  • If you don’t have a smartphone, basic phone or other connected device with Verizon, you have 3 plan options:
    1. Sign up for a single device plan -  $10 for 1 GB/month with Auto Pay and paper-free billing ($15  without Auto Pay and paper-free billing).
    2. Choose a data-only plan.  These plans start as low as $20 for 2 GB/month and have data amounts that go up to 100 GB. The Jetpack's monthly line access fee is $20.
    3. Choose Standalone and pay $75/month with Auto Pay and paper-free billing for your account ($80/month without Auto Pay) for Unlimited.

For more details, check our our FAQ page:


Let us know if this helped.