Lots of issues with these devices.

We have owned these (two units) for probably ten months now, used them for eight. We were living in an RV and needed something we could take with us, because a lot of the places we end up don't have free wi-fi.

The Jetpacks grant us 15GB of 4G data each, and after that the speed drops down to 700 kb. That 700 kb is definitely a lie—even in the area where we spent the majority of our time, which had very good Verizon cell service, the hotspot service was trash. It was low density (population wise) so that shouldn't have been a problem, but it was. I tried many, many times to get that limit lifted or increased, but Verizon doesn't even OFFER the option to add more 5G data. Once you use that 15GB, you're toast for the rest of the month.

One of the two Jetpack devices would routinely kick me off (which was a huge problem as I work remotely and have to call in via Skype), and then only power cycling the device would allow me to connect again. And even then, service would only last a short while before kicking me off. I spent a lot of time apologizing to colleagues and getting back on calls. I tried calling Verizon for help, but their only advice was to power cycle it. Once they told us to reset it from factory settings, but that did nothing either. We changed settings through the website, did every possible method of troubleshooting, and it never got better.

The 700kb service was so slow that it would take ages for a single simple webpage to load on my computer, if it loaded at all. I often refreshed a dozen times, or just gave up trying. Attempting to do any kind of business was futile.

Here's the kicker: when we signed up for the devices, my husband is a veteran and the sales person promised he would give us a veteran discount. Multiple times we tried calling when the discount never showed up, and got a variety of odd excuses as to why they couldn't add it now. Their ability to put on discounts was often "unavailable," or the service was down and we would need to call back. So we have paid probably hundreds of dollars more than we should have over the last year because of the salesman's incompetence and phone service techs playing dumb. I fully believe this was intentional.

After everything is said and done, it became so impossible to do my job that we had to abandon RV living, move into a house and get *real* internet service in order for me to keep doing it. Now we want to get rid of these god awful Jetpacks, which cost nearly $100 per month, that never once adequately provided the service we paid for--and Verizon is demanding a cancellation fee. I would think that since the devices never lived up to Verizon's end of the contract, we shouldn't be held liable for our end.

I think all the missed discounts would easily pay for that fee, but their cancellation rep is also refusing to waive the fee even in light of the discount problem. I can't express how much we've come to loathe Verizon. We're certainly switching our phones to another service.

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I think it is actually up to 600 kbps speeds and not 700 kb for the speed reduction. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.