MHS700L 4gLte jetpack

Ok I the Jet pack from another person it had a sim card I activated it tried the admin page the password is different from the WI fi  I called Verizon I got no help can someone please help me

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Check the Jetpack for a Label with the Admin password or the options on the control panel.  The older ones use labels under the battery where newer Jetpacks have an option on the control panel.

If you can see what the default Admin password is then go ahead and reset the Jetpack to the Defaults.  Use the default password to log in.

If you cannot see or find the default admin password then return it for one that has the admin password clearly displayed somewhere.

VZW cannot tell you what the default admin password is on a Jetpack.  We could at one point but those Jetpacks have been retired for a while.  The new default credentials are all unique by design and should be physically posted on the Jetpack somewhere.