Management and auto-reboot problems...
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We are using a 4G LTE Network Extender here, and we're having two problems with it:

1. User management needs to be provided, so that I can restrict users to the people in my house. Otherwise I can't use my extender once my neighbors take up all the connections...we're in a weak Verizon area, and my extender is the strongest source for a Verizon cellular signal around here.

2. This thing doesn't auto reboot. So if we get a power failure, or our internet goes down for a while the extender just sits there without trying to reboot itself. The old 3G extender would at least try to reboot itself, and the T-Mobile CellSpot does a really good job of coming back up if something goes wrong in it's environment. Verizon needs to provide auto reboot in the firmware for this thing.

Or maybe the above issues are addressed in a firmware update that I don't have? If that's the case, please give me a clue on how to update the firmware on the extender.


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Hi rvortman,


We always want you to get the most use of your 4G Network Extender. I can definitely help you with this. 

First, I want to apologize that Samsung, the manufacturer of the 4G Extender, has no update for the device as of yet. Right now, it only supports open mode. While Managed mode is being evaluated, Verizon makes no warranty as to its timing or availability. I'm sorry for any and all inconvenience in this matter. 

Since open mode is being evaluated right now, chances are good that the reboot that you mentioned is also a part of the evaluation. You are able to reach out to Samsung to inquire further. You can reach them at 800-726-7864. 

Here's a link that answers the most common questions about the extender:;


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