MiFi is not recognized

I have a laptop, windows 8 currently. Had an elipsis jetpack worked great until wouldn't charge any more. So I upgraded to a MiFi  6620. Trying to connect with my laptop, but my laptop will not recognize it as an available network. My phone found it and connected to it, but laptop will not.

Please help!!!

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If your Laptop cannot see the new Jetpack then perhaps the Jetpack is broadcasting in a frequency that your Laptop cannot see.  Jetpacks can broadcast over 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.  However only adapters that are configured to talk to both can see both.  Many old adapters, such as a machine running WIn8, may only have an adapter configured for 2.4 GHz. 

Log into the Jetpacks admin page from another PC that can see the signal.  Adjust the band/frequency that is broadcasting down to 2.4 GHz and then try your main PC again.

If this is the problem then you may be able to leave the Jetpack on 5.0 GHz with the purchase and installation of a new USB wireless adapter that can communicate over that frequency.  Really depends if you have a reason to stay on 5.0 GHz or not though.