I've got a MiFi 6620L.  I just updated the firmware.

I would like to create 2 customer applications for Port Forwarding rules.  I would like these 2 rules to map the same port to the same internal IP address but have one rule be for TCP traffic and the other rule for UDP traffic.

The software will accept one of these rules but when I attempt to save the second rule it give me an error message:

AppName   IPAddress     StartPort     EndPort   Protocol

rule1      4555            4555         TCP

rule2      4555            4555         UDP

Error:  These applications cannot be turned on simultaneously because they both use the same port

Of course this should be unique not just for Port but for Port&Protocol.

I called Novatel Wireless and even the 'Level 2" tech that I spoke to told me that I had to call Verizon to order a Static Public IP address for my MiFi.  Clearly this is someone reading from a script and not someone that understands IP networking.

I had already spoken to VZW tech support but I think this configuration question was beyond their scope.

Just curious if anyone else has gone down this path?



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Without static ip, incoming connections don't work in my experience. 

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There are two issues here, the first is real routers along with third party firmware writers add an option called BOTH (TCP/UDP) and even if they don’t they should allow both if the user does as you and specifies two separate entries. Unfortunately, Novatel has a different opinion. The best work around is to use the DMZ feature and Wi-Fi Bridge or USB Tether to a real router demoting the Jetpack to just a modem.

The second issue is your Jetpack does not see the ports you forward because Verizon’s CGN blocks them before they get to your Jetpack. If you want those ports to go through Verizon’s network then you have to use a public facing static IP address or another provider that gives you a public IP address.

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Custom ports are a well known limitation of the 4G LTE network.  We cannot configure around VZWs NAT firewall from the Jetpack itself. Any port forwarding or DMZ options on the Jetpack will only work from a static/public IP.  You need to use workarounds to solve the problem.

Workarounds include:

- Use a VPN and connect a network that allows custom port communication

- Purchase a Static IP from VZW for your Jetpack

- Purchase VZW 4G LTE Internet installed which comes with a free public IP

- Terminate and purchase a service that allows for public IP addresses