Mobile Data Usage and HotSpot limits

If i have unlimited data, why is my mobile hotspot limited? Verizon made a mistake andbsold me 5G home internet. Turns out i don't have service in my area. I have no internet now until i get my fiber installed next week. I was changed to a different plan for one month for unlimited hotspot, which i have since learned does not exist. Apparently my plan comes with 5G and the new "unlimited" plan is actually on 50G.  I have been lied to by numerous customer service representatives. Verizon sold me a service that is not in my area, I'm stuck with no internet for a week. New solution, another 5G high speed data for $35. My disabled elderly mother already nearly blew thru 50G in two days. We only use a streaming tv and i laptop. Verizon made a big mistake and are unwillingbto comp me high speed internet for 6 days. Has anyone had this type of issue happen. How do i get this elevated, I'm tired of speaking to customer service reps who are less than honest.

Re: Mobile Data Usage and HotSpot limits
Customer Service Rep


MissBella!, I am truly sorry to hear that while your address indicated access to 5G Home, it did not work for you. There are times when even the structure itself can make all of the difference in the world. As we have a family of 5 and are all connected, I know just how important that HotSpot would be at a time like this. Though the plans do have Unlimited HotSpot, they do see reduced speeds once a set amount of data has been reached. In this case, that would be the 50GB. There are no plans available that offer HotSpot without a set amount of data that would then see a slow-down. This is why you have not been moved temporarily to a plan that would, there truly is not one for us to move you to. I do wish that I had better news as I know that having that connection for the next few days will be difficult.  -Loren