Mobile hotspot incredibly (below advertised speeds) slow after exceeding 50gb premium data on "Get More" plan

The plan advertises 600kb/s or 3mbps after premium data runs out, but I'm only receiving about 10 KILOBYTES/S, or 0.1mpbs. Support has been absolutely zero help, I know it's not my devices. I have done all necessary troubleshooting.

I was downloading something at 18mbps, then my premium data ran out (I knew it was running out, no problem), and after that my download speed has not exceeded 10-20 KILOBYTES per second since.

Internet was literally faster in 1995. Can anyone please assist?

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Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to hear that you're having problems with your hotspot. After your premium data runs out, hotspot can be slowed down. We recommend looking at other available plans or even adding a hotspot device if you find yourself using your hotspot regularly and running out.