Multiple ingress nodes in a cluster?

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Our business has purchased six network extenders for business. They fall automatically into a cluster that as far as I can tell only supports one ingress node. However we have two geographically separate entrances and not a lot of crossover (think warehouse entrance & office entrance, and the two locations don't see a lot of cross-over of foot traffic). Walking over to the single ingress node is not an acceptable solution. I was told by a tier 2 technician that I could have multiple ingress nodes but I'm not able to configure them.

As a work around I tried separating network extenders into two VLANs so I could have two clusters, but they seem to have still discovered each other and fallen into one cluster.

At this point, I need help. Either to configure multiple ingress nodes, which I would be perfectly happy with, or to know how to force the one cluster to split up into two so I can have two ingress points. I would even be okay with turning off the cluster mode entirely and have the units all operate on their own.

In the event of only one ingress node per cluster being the limit, my question is this: How do units decide to form clusters? Is it based on cell radio detection? Is it based on public IP? GPS location? I know it's not based on an IP scan of the network since I can VLAN off extenders from each other and they auto-cluster anyway. If I knew how the clusters are formed I could engineer a work around for them.

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I'm sorry for any inconvenience with the set up of the Network Extender at your place of business.Let me ask you a few questions, just to gather some information. Is this a new issue, or ongoing? How long have  you had the Network Extenders? Please let me know, thanks!

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