NW Extender Inconsistant

I have followed all recommendations for setup and use.  All indicator lights are as they should be. But the signal strength indicator on my phone acts as if the extender is not present. When I dial #48 I get the recorded message that I am connected to the extender and signal strength indicator jumps up to full strength. But when I disconnect from #48 number, the signal strength indication drops back down to one or two bars

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Staying in contact is priority number one, ForzaSteve. It is good to hear that the test call is able to be confirmed. With two bars of service this would still mean that there is service going to the device and it would be fully functional. Can you please further test the device to ensure that you are able to receive calls and make them besides to the test call number? This will give us a better idea of how the extender is boosting the signal inside your home and also monitor the quality of the calls. Thanks in advance.

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