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I just found out what the little house icon was over my signal strength that I've recently been seeing is, and I called #48 to confirm that I am obviously on a neighbors network extender.

Is this something I need to worry about? Any safety, privacy issues? My phone seems to work fine otherwise.

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That just means your neighbors (maybe my) network extender is providing a better signal than the default network signal you would have.  There should be no privacy issues as the extenders just facilitate routing the calls.  I'm not sure about calling 911, what location would come up on the far end receiving the emergency call.  The calls do get routed thru the extenders internet connection so their internet service is using data for all calls.  If you have good relations with your neighbors, you might alert them that their extender is 'open' and allowing unregistered connections.  They might need/want to create whitelists to allow recognized users to connect, unless they don't mind and their internet service isn't a problem.  Hopefully, losing their signal will not deteriorate your service if you choose to go that way.  I think the only way to override their signal would be to use WiFi calling if your phone supports it.

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missdawn41, help is here as I know it must have been alarming to see this icon on your device. You are correct as it is a network extender icon most likely coming from a neighbors home. There are no safety concerns as your phone is simply picking up the extender's signal. If you do run into any issues, please feel free to reach out to us as assistance is always here.

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