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First of all, if you open a chat window, the majority of the solutions request settings that are from IOS 11. (We are on 16). So basically they never update their help steps.  Shame on you Verizon

I have high speed non Fios internet.  The extender appears to work fine.  It shows 0/14 phones connected.  I have a IPHONE 13, my wife, a 12.  

The extender connects to our cell phones 10-20% of the time.  The extender never shows error codes or has issues connecting to my internet  

 I have wasted hours with Verizon.  Verizon has not fixed the cell issues in a populated LA suburb for at least three years.  If Verizon is listening, the general area is Oxnard st and Valley Circle Woodland Hills California 91367  

It would be great if they just fixed the general cell phone issues in my neighborhood.


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I see similar weird things with an iPhone 13 (ios 15). Both it and my Android phone are at the same distance from the extender - one has joined the extender, the other has not. 

The iphone field test shows the iphone grabbing band 66, so there must be an antenna close enough for the phone to grab that instead of the extender. 

[to get to the iphone field test, from the iphone's phone keypad enter: *3001#12345#* and the dial button. the RAT - Band Info item will show you which band the phone is grabbing]

The other item that might be of help is that on my extender (fw version GA5.10 - V0.5.010.1167), the "connected devices" count drops back to zero, even though I can see that my android device is still on the extender. (I see 5 bars, and without the extender there's only one)

If you call #48 on your device's dialers, do you get the "on extender" or "off extender" message? 

I know none of these are a solution, but thought the extra hints might help.

And yeah - it'd be nice if VZW just fixed their antenna aiming / density...