Network Extender - Firewall destination IP address

I am trying to have this installed on a work network but the networking team is requiring a destination IP address to allow the device to communicate.  Would anyone know the destination IP address for the LTE Network Extenders: ASK-DFE116?

ryan paguio
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Hey @ryanpaguio if you mean the ASK-SFE116 (the square dark colored one),

it is going to hit on port 500/4500 (UDP to build the IPSec tunnel)

You could try a nslookup at your place to see what gets resolved, but if you need *all* the IP addresses have a look here:

I would suggest starting with the first unit on the list - the block of IP addresses in there sure seem pretty close.

I notice that my LTE extender is using an A-GPS server that isn't listed anywhere on that page. (You don't 100% need an A-GPS server but it will definitely make your initial GPS acquisition time shorter).

Also once your extender updates to firmware GA5.10 - V0.5.010.1167, there's lots more diagnostic information about the IP addresses the unit is trying to get to. Hopefully you're already at that firmware revision, so you have that information available.