Network Extender blinking red SYS light and solid red GPS light
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I've had my Samsung 4G LTE Network Extender for about two years now as I live in a basement unit of a condominium and have no service without it. It's worked great up until about two weeks ago when the SYS light started to blink. Before that, the GPS light would occasionally turn red which was usually solved by placing the antenna by the window for a few minutes. I've rebooted and reset the router and the network extender several times but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the issue could be? Not sure if this matters but my zip code is 20003 (SE DC). Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I heavily rely on it for work...

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We want to be sure that you are able to use your Network Extender as you have in the past. How long do you keep the extender off for? Are all of the other lights the correct colors?



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