Network Extender for Business - slow blinking red SYS, solid red GPS

Anyone get to the point where you have slow-red blinking SYS, and solid red GPS (which should mean the device is searching for a GPS lock)...and it never finds one?  I've moved it to every window available (E, W, S...there is no window in the north), to no avail.  I'm at the point with support that they are having me send it back.  I have about 14hrs into trying to get the unit to work.  A few notes:

  • COMCAST Business Class (coax) internet connection
  • Firewall completely OFF
  • Connected directly to the modem (no external switch)
  • Location is downtown Seattle, 3rd window obstructions...but it does have low-e glass, which is necessitating the extenders (cell doesn't make it through)


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