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I have AT&T UVERSE  for my cable and WiFi at home,  I  have the Verizon network extender,  it has never worked great  but now it will not work at all.  I contacted Verizon and the extender warranty had ran out recently.   Their only answer was they would sell me another one. (Not )..... I contacted Samsung about trying to get some answers and they refused to even talk about it.   Samsung said it was up to Verizon to take care of.  

Does anyone have any suggestions.   I don't want to change phone carrier but I  have to have service for my home business.

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I have seen this before and the best thing you can do is to either change carriers to a provider that works where you are, buy another extender, send the present extender to Samsung for repair or buy another extender elsewhere.

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We certainly want you to be able to fully utilize the accessory! What specific issue were you seeing with the extender? What LED lights appeared?
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Did you try putting the network extender’s IP address in the router’s DMZ?

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First step is to connect the Network Extender directly to the broadband router/gateway.

Second step is to configure the broadband router/gateway. If possible configure the Network Extender for a Static IP through the broadband router/gateway. See the following link for the ports and other elements that may need to be configured on the router: Unblock Ports / IP Addresses - Verizon Wireless Network Extender

Third step is to ensure the Network Extender gets a good access to the sky (like next to a window) to ensure the GPS receiver in the Network Extender gets a solid lock. If the GPS light remains red the device will not operate properly if at all.

Fourth step is to ensure all four LED's are blue. It may take upwards of a half an hour or more for the unit to finish boot up.

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I went thru this last year. My situation was provoked by changes that I made to my home network. Prior to the changes, my Samsung network extender (SCS-26UC4)  was working fine. I wanted to extend the reach of the home Wi-Fi beyond that provided by my U-verse gateway. So I bought and installed two D-Link DAP-1320 plug in devices. Baaaaad move! Plugging in the D-Link devices "killed" my Samsung extender in about 15 minutes (flashing red SYS LED indications), and it wouldn't restore until the D-Link devices were removed and the Samsung rebooted. I searched multiple forums for answers without success. I tried the "DMZ" option without success. My resolution was to get rid of the D-Link devices, install a new Netgear R6100 wireless router behind the U-verse gateway and turn off the wireless function of the U-verse gateway. The Netgear router has a static IP address, but the Samsung network extender operates with DHCP, since that is the only option for it.

My advice: think about any recent changes to your network that may have occurred, and try to back them out to see if the Samsung network extender works again. Changes could include installation of some new wireless device. It is also useful to obtain and learn to use a network monitoring app. I use Net Analyzer Lite on my iPhone.

Other replies to your query have mentioned making sure that the Samsung has a clear view of the sky to allow it to obtain GPS synchronization. Don't ignore this. It could also be something as simple as a failed Ethernet cable or poor connection. Try substituting another cable.

Good luck.