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I purchased a network extender the other day and can't get it to work.  I have a solid blue light for power and wan but a solid magenta light for GPS and a fast blinking red light for SYS.  I have tried all the troubleshooting ideas.  I have unplugged and replugged.  I have moved the GPS receiver around. The unit is by a window but I installed the GPS extender and have moved it around to more than one window.  Still get solid magenta on the GPS.  I have checked all the ports on the router to make sure they are unblocked and set up properly, and still nothing.  Any ideas on what else I can try before returning the network extender for a refund?

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I do apologize that you are having such troubles. Let's give this a try: Ensure device is powered on and connected properly. Turn off all the devices on the home network i.e. modem, router and Network Extender. Turn the devices back on in the following order:
Modem, Router, then Network Extender. After the reboot process, If the SYS light remains fast blinking red then perform the following: Unplug the Network Extender from the router, Plug in the Network extender directly to the modem, Power cycle the modem and Network Extender(Turn on Modem first and then the Network Extender). Please keep us updated.

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