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Trying to connect my HP 255 lap top to the internet using a Ellipsis  Jetpack ABB7, the computer finds the Ellipsis says it secure but NO INTERNET. What's up how do I get the interne, how does the computer connect to the internet thru the Ellipsis.

thanks Gary

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"No Internet" is a status message from Windows 10 and its own Network Detection Indication Service.  All that means is that the built in windows mechanism to check the internet didn't return a result the way it expected.  You may be connected to the internet but there may be something like a VPN getting in the way and tampering with the Windows NDIS process.

Try manually navigating to a website on the laptop and see if it works.  A search engine like is fine.  Compare the results from the laptop with a 2nd wireless device and see if it has the same problem.  If both devices cannot access the internet then perhaps the Jetpack is not activated correctly.  if only the laptop has problems then you will have to examine the software and network settings of that device to see what could be getting in the way of a normal website call.

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Help has arrived! We definitely want to make sure you can connect your laptop to your jetpack. Let’s get started. Have you ever had this problem before? Do any other devices that successfully connect to your jetpack? What exactly happens when you try to browse the internet?


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