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I have a Pepwave BR1 hosting a LTE or WIFI network in my camper.  I also have 2 iPhones and and iPad on my plan.  Before leaving for Alaska I called Verizon to assure that everything would work in Canada.  Two days across the border and I get a $50 roaming charge for the BR1.  After two very frustrating conversations with Verizon I have removed the SIM card.  Verizon did roll back the charges but could only apologize and explain that my BR1, not having a phone number, was not eligible for international data.  Horse Hockey!  I guess I’ll just use my phone as a hot-spot for my BR1 to pickup WIFI and problem solved until I get back in the USA.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, CinsNet. We understand the importance having service while traveling abroad and ensuring you also get clear and concise information. We apologize for the confusion and the international roaming charges. We'd like to ask a few questions to better assist you in finding the best way to have service while traveling through Canada. How much longer do you plan to be in Canada? Did you select an international plan for traveling to Canada?