PoE Injector for 4G LET Network Extender 2 for Enterprise
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Hello, I need a recommendation on a specific PoE injector that will work with the Verizon (Samsung) 4G LTE Network Extender 2 for Enterprise.  I recently purchased a TRENDnet Gigabit Ultra PoE Injector (TPE-117GI) that can power up to 60W. The Network Extender gives me an unstable power error. 

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Having the same issue. Tried the TPE-115GI, TPE-117GI and the Planet POE-171 "which works with the version 1 model"

The issue it appears is all of these models are waiting for the unit to request the power as they have a smart sense so not to over power a device. The network extender log shows unstable power "unable to turn cellular on due to lack of power"

Seems to be a design flaw. Both units are waiting on the other to make the next move...

Contacted Verizon tech support. Got told to buy a ultra only poe adapter but no recommendations given. From what I've found no such thing exists. They are all smart sense poe injectors that do 15W, 30W, and 60W