Poor Network Extender coverage within house

I've looked at some of the other posts, but I think mine is enough different to warrant starting fresh. I live in San Diego, within the main city limits. My home is a single-story, wood-frame structure. It does, however, have a metal roof, so indoor wireless reception was poor. I was provided with a Samsung 4G LTE Network Extender. Based on its requirements to be near a window for the GPS antenna, and near my Wi-Fi router for the Ethernet connection, I installed the extender in my office, which is at one end of the house. Performance in the kitchen, and dining and living rooms, at the opposite end, is unreliable -- sometimes there, sometimes not. 611 suggests relocating the unit to a more central location in the house, but the above-mentioned requirements make doing so just shy of impossible. Any thoughts?

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We value your time, and thank you for the steps you have taken. We can relate to how important it is that your service works from home. Any network extender will work as a cage, similar to a WiFi network, where it will only cover so many square feet. Additionally, like any radio waves, there could be interferences within that prevent the extender producing signal to the other end of your home. Centralizing your equipment can help cover the other end of your home, but personally, I wouldn't recommend going too far to not compromise coverage in your office. 

I hope this helps.