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Who in Verizon do I contact to complain about poor internet service and phone connectivity service in my area and discuss what can be done to fix the problem by installing additional towers. I live in a red political county and am a blue politically. My neighbors and I don't agree on much, but one thing we do agree on and that is VERIZON in our area terrible! We get together and chat and this is in every conversation... how poor VERIZON is and how we need access and they will not invest in putting up towers so that we can have access. My wife is disabled. We do most of our shopping on line because it is 1 1/2 hrs to the next largest commerce center (Springfield, MO or Fayetteville, AR). We NEED the internet and phone where we live. It is common for even 911 to not be accessible and often we cannot even make a cell phone call. I live in 65681 zip code. I pay over $300/month to have phone and internet access. Verizon is not taking any new landline customers because all land lines are "band width exhausted." I have to use hot spots. Most days I have minimal connectivity and on those days it is so poor that I often drop calls and can't even get onto the web.  Customer service folks are nice but they cannot do anything. You might say, "well go to another carrier." We have no other carriers in our area. We are held captive by VERIZON and it is a monopoly that abuses its customers. Even the VERIZON techs say that they are "fixing" 1960's equipment when we asked what they were doing on the landlines. Who can I call or write in VERIZON to complain and get action?

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Lenneville, we understand the importance of reliable coverage. I welcome the opportunity to address your service inquiry. When viewing the zip code supplied, I do show Lampe, MO is in most part a variable coverage area. Variable coverage areas are areas that are limited to services due to environmental factors/topography that are beyond our control. These areas can consist of signal obstructions due to hilly terrain, bodies of water that obstruct signal due to refraction and/or heavy foliage. Areas such as this are very difficult to get towers approved within since cell towers have a limited line of sight in which to transmit signal and are often placed on flat lands just outside of these types of terrains. This is likely why no other carriers have chosen to attempt to obtain cell sites in this area as there may not be viable land available in which to have them placed and/or they may not be able to obtain the necessary approvals by the local building commission. Do you have high speed internet/Wi-Fi at your home via a landline/cable provider with minimum download speeds of 10Mbps and upload speeds of 5Mbps or is residential Internet limited in that area also?  




you live 1 1/2 hours from a major metropolitan area & not verizons problem.

why are you interested in verizon landline, nothing else available in your remote area?

i'd suggest you pay for internet service + add wi-fi.