Problems with Network Adaptaer after changing Modems

I have a Network adapter that was working great. I changed Modems and now the Network Extender does not find GPS Signal. I even ran Ethernet  cord from my router so extender is next to the window. System & GPS lights stay red. Any ideas?

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Who is the internet provider and in what zip code?

What brand and model number modem and router are you using?

A combination modem and router is called a Gateway, what brand and model is it?

See page 5 in the User Manual, and post a description of what the lights are doing. See pages 14-16 for information about the GPS antenna.

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Also, have you tried to unplug everything and plug them in in sequence? Allowing the modem to fully boot, the router (assuming they are two different devices) and then allowing the network extender to boot? How long have you let it try to locate GPS?

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I have the same problems and did unplug everything in sequence and reboot. Been going on for days with slow blinking red system light and solid red system light. I know it works in the same building but on a higher floor (I'm on 4th floor & other unit on 9th floor but on opposite side of building. Why do you think I can't get blue lights from where my condo is located?