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I recently installed a pair of the Samsung Enterprise signal boosters and noticed a fun thing that I need to know if anyone has any issues with.

I have noticed that if I have the booster on the same network as my computer I can go to the web GUI but my co-worker on a different network can not reach the GUI - we are able to communicate across these networks to other devices. I am wondering if this is a know issue, a feature or a weird bug.

Thanks for any information.

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Making sure you can manage the Enterprise Network Extender is key to making sure it's always available to help your indoor signal, wraithscrono. You make an excellent point about access to the GUI. Access is secured by only allowing one "controller" to access the GUI. In other words, it's a feature and this is working properly. Page 28 of this user manual will show more details. We value your business here at Verizon Wireless and are always here to answer your questions and concerns.


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