Samsung network extender SCS-2U01 reception issue

I have the Samsung SCS-2U01 network extender.  I used it in a previous house flawlessly.  I just moved into a new house and set it up.  All seems well in terms of the setup (4 blue lights, double tone when connecting to calls, reliable internet connection, consistent GPS lock, etc).  However, i have been repeatedly dropping calls since I set it up. 

The setup in my new house is the same as the setup in my old house.  The extender is placed on the main level of the house and my home office is in the basement.  I know I am connected to the extender b/c the double tone, but again I continue to drop calls even when I am connected to the extender.  Additional troubleshooting I can do?  thoughts on how to maximize reception? 

I work from home, so it is imperative that i have cell service in my home office.  Thoughts?

Kevin B

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I know how important cell reception is when working from home, KBarefoor8966.  We can definitely help with providing steps that you can use to troubleshoot your Network Extender.  Since you moved to a new home, my first question would be what Internet Service Provider do you have and what speeds are you getting at the new location?  We usually look for Upload and Download speeds to start. Also, what make and model device do you have?  This can play a role.  I also recommend setting up a priority list for your Network Extender:  Here are some additional requirements for your device:


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