Signal booster

Hi. New here but not to Verizon

I've had issues with my service since I've had it. It is only at home though. I wasted like 5 hours of my life going through some trouble shooting with tech support. The agent had me try the esim option. I had it but we could not get my phone to register it. What that has to do with my service I have no idea. From what I have read it just does away with the psychical sim card and let's you switch between numbers.

If I have to pay anything for a booster I will drop Verizon and go back to AT&T. I'm paying quite a bit for 3 phone lines to have to pay anything for a booster. I will not opt for the one that has to be connected to my home internet either. There are options besides that. My home internet goes out as well, not often but it happens. I should NOT have to rely on another service I am paying for to make someone else's work. Don't even reply that is how Netflix works, for example. I'm talking about using my ISP for Verizon to work. Should be illegal or the other company should be compensated

Do better Verizon

End rant


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