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My Jetpack 4602L hotspot has gotten so slow and weak at times that it will hardly (or not at all) bring up a web page.  A message will come up that there is not internet connection (but I know there is) or that that site cannot be reached, or it took too long to answer, etc.   This seemed to have gotten much worse after a Microsoft Windows 10 update but maybe that was coincidental.  Any suggestions?  My computer is clean of virus' or malware so that isn't the problem.

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Anytime your Jetpack malfunctions you should perform preventive maintenance to it. Basically, remove and reinstall both the battery and the SIM Card to reseat both. After doing this it will be a good idea to perform a hardware reset using the master reset button to return the device to its default factory configuration.  

Your complaint suggests RFI may be your problem. Try changing the Jetpack's Wi-Fi channel from Auto to channel 1, 6 or 11. One of these three often works best and it may take a bit of trail and error to determine which one. 

You can find information about removing/installing the battery and SIM Card, the master reset button and logging into the Jetpack to change the Wi-Fi channel in the Novatel Verizon Mifi 4620L User Guide: