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Help!  I have set up Verizon Smart Family on my daughters phone.  Her phone has been paired to mine. 

However, we are having numerous issues. 1) She is still receiving text messages from blocked numbers.  2) I am on her trusted contacts list yet we are not always able to text each other for some reason.  3) The dashboard does not show all of her activity at all.  4) For days now she can text me during the day around noon (her lunch time) and I will get a "late night activity" notification as if it were 3am in the morning.   

I have shut her phone down numerous times.  I have repaired the phones.  I have erased all settings and started over.  I have given it numerous days to "catch on."  What am I doing wrong?  This app seems to be a complete waste of money and is defeating the purpose of her having a phone of I cannot contact her when I need to.  

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Thank you for reaching out to our community forums, samantharae1. We understand the importance of managing your Smart Family. Let's look into what's going on. What's the make and model of your daughter's phone? Have you had the chance to uninstall the app?