Solved SeGW and HeMS connection problem
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Like many people on this forum, my ASK-SFE116 Network Extender was getting hung on either connecting to the SeGW or HeMS servers and would not activate.  

As a test, I tried removing one of the Ethernet switches between my Vz Router and the Network Extender and the problem went away!  The Net Ext now boots up and is in service in under 10 minutes.

If you have multiple Ethernet switches between your Net Extender and your router, try hooking the Net Extender directly to the router.  I had two switches between the Net Extender and my router.  Now there are none.  I may try putting one of the switches back after see if the current set-up is stable.

The odd thing was that the original setup with two Ethernet switches worked for a few weeks before hanging on either connecting to the SeGW or HeMS servers. 

The replacement Net Extender that I arrived yesterday never worked when there were two Ethernet switches between it and the router.


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