Suggestions to remotely restart a "Verizon LTE Internet and Home Phone" router

I have a "Verizon LTE Internet and Home Phone" router:

that works great at my remote lake house.  However, I'd like to be able to somehow reboot the router occasionally (it is connected to a security camera, and every one in a while the router freezes and needs to be restarted). 

My first solution was to install a generic timer between the outlet and the router, and have it turn on, and off, once a week, in the middle of the night. The problem is, the router has a backup battery and need HOURS to die before it can be restarted.  I tried to just remove the battery, but the router automatically powers down, without the battery.

Any thoughts on a solution to remotely restart the router periodically?

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I reboot my Jetpack from my computer my changing between 4G and 3G. However, you don't have that option, you're fixed on 4G LTE. But, the idea is still the same, anything in the firmware user interface that will reboot the router after it is changed will work. Beware, it might cause to you lose connectivity, so test it remotely before you try to rely on it.

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>Any thoughts on a solution to remotely restart the router periodically?

Normally the old Christmas light timer trick will cover remote reboot situations like this.  But you are right, the NEs UPS will interfere with your ability to simply recycle the power on this device.

The problem is that if the router goes offline due to either a 4G disconnection or something else there wont be a way to send a reboot command to it anyways.  You would need a separate system that can send restart commands to the VZW device without a network connection.

Are there any neighbors near by that you could hire to stop by and reboot the device for you?  Not the most elegant solution but it would accomplish your goal.

Otherwise you may want to consider switching devices to something from VZW that does not come with a UPS.  For example the normal 4G LTE router without voice does not come with a UPS.  This device could be rebooted with a light timer.  To counter the voice limitation you would have to consider migrating to a VOIP solution, or something that relies only on an internet connection.  That way the device will not need to have a UPS feature built into it.

Verizon 4G LTE router (without voice):

While a Jetpack would accomplish the same goal as a simple broadband only router, they have many known limitations when operating as a 24x7 device.  Reboots are going to be much more frequent with a Jetpack so I'd advise resisting that option until its your last resort.  You would have better success with a USB Modem plus a compatible home router combo if the 4G only router is not available.