Too much data usage last 3 days


I'm using "Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router" for connecting internet for my desktop computer and usually my data usage is 0.3GB to 0.6GB per day. But last 3 days the data usage was dramatically increased (first 2 days more than 1GB per day and yesterday I only used a short time but usage was more than 0.6GB) .

My desktop OS is window 7 and update is not automatically done. And I always monitoring the data usage with a convenient script and couldn't recognize any unusual usage these days.

And these day I received a "IP address Conflict" warning from my window as shown below. How Can I solve these problems.

Please let me know. Thank you.

IP Conflict.png

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IP address conflicts usually happen when static IP addresses are involved somewhere on the local network.  These problems happen outside of your data usage and the connection to VZW.

Quick fix would be to reboot the 4G LTE home router.  This would reset the current automatic IP addresses to juggle around any statics it is aware of.

If the problem persists after a reboot then you will need to do some digging.  Either manually assign a static IP to one that is currently free on your network or grab a 2nd machine that has a good IP.  From there you need to check each of your devices and confirm what the current IP address is.  Record the IPs on each device and discover which one has the static IP in contention with your original PC.  At that point you will need to decide to switch everything over to Automatic/DHCP or manually assign unique IPs to these machines.