Troubleshooting Jetpack 4510 Red light problem

Can someone help me resolve this issue I’m having with my Jetpack 4510 device? There’s a green light at first, then violet, and lastly, a red light that stays on for about two seconds that’s why I cannot connect. The manual says SIM card problem. First time I’ve had this red light come on. Couldn’t resolve this issue with Tech Support. Can someone help me? I reset the device, but still there’s the red light.

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Teddy4u, we never want you to keep having an issue with your Jetpack connection. Allow us to make sure we get this resolved for you once & for all. Did we by chance send you out a new SIM card? If not, we suggest that you try out a new SIM card. They are free & you're able to order one right from your My Verizon account. Please refer to "4.Where do I get a new or replacement SIM card if I need one?" in this link  


Can you please explain what type of reset you did? Is there any physical or liquid damage to your Jetpack?  AliciaD_VZW