Verizon Continually Lying!
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I called in June of 2014 to see about getting a network extender, because where we moved there is no service at all. Dropped phone calls, no use of internet, or my phone doesn't ring at all. We have dealt with this for a year before hearing about the network extender. To our amazement and after finding out what the problem was (it has to do with my geographical area and there is an obstruction) we was still only offered the network extender at a $75 discount! Of course, we declined, because why should I have to pay nearly $200 for a product that might not even work and when I have been a customer for years. It's not my fault after all! Why should I be paying full price for shotty cell phone service and why can I not be offered a network extender for free. We know several people that has received a network extender for free!!

Fast forward to February 13, 2015, I call in again to see what my options are and this time FINALLY the guy was going to see if he could get me one for free, since his exact words were he doesn't know why I wasn't offered one to begin with! He proceeded to tell me that he would have to get it approved through his manager and within a couple of hours I could call back and find out the status of the ticket. I waited 2 days to call back on Monday February 16, 2015. This time I get a guy telling me that I spoke with a vendor and there was no way of getting in touch with him as nothing had been updated on my ticket since Friday. He then went on to lie to me and tell me they have never offered network extenders for free. Like I stated above I know several people that has gotten them free. As he wasn't much help I call back again and then I'm transferred to someone else to be told that at this time there was no way he could offer me one for free and the best he could do was a $75 discount. He would also have his manager call me when he got in which I never received. It's not like a would get a **** phone call anyways!

I am so sick of Verizon lying to me and having such crappy customer service. If you promise a customer something you should stand behind what you say!! You about about to lose a customer for good, because switching to a different carrier I will still have NO service, so it wouldn't matter. Go fed your BS to someone else!!!

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I am so sorry to hear of your misfortune with Verizon. Unfortunately this is not an uncommon story. The nightmare we are involved in with them due to their errors is an unbelievable chain of events. If you look back at the complaints against Verizon on this site, and this is just people on this site, I'm sure there are more out there, you will see a common thread with customer service. There are stories about dishonesty, nobody calling back as promised, inaccuracies in answering questions, the list goes on and on. I have been calling it criminal.

I have been on here commenting on every complaint that is listed. We have power as the customer. Verizon will not survive the long term detriment it's company will suffer if they continue to treat their customers with such lack of respect.

I will do everything I can to educate people in my realm of influence of the truth about their customer service.

I don't know if this will help or not but the corporate number is (212)395-1000. Good luck. I hope your resolution comes quicker than ours. We are going on 5 months and our problems are not solved. It is very maddening. I feel for anyone

dealing with the stress this company causes one to suffer.

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The correct number to verizon wireless is 8009220204. The number posted is to landline services.

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So you're upset with VZW because you moved to an area where they have no coverage?  You say that it's not your fault...well, it's not their fault either.  They didn't tell you to move to an area that has spotty coverage.  You should have done your homework prior to moving to make sure you were relocating to a place were you'd get decent service.  If having your residence was more important to you than your network coverage you should have made a decisio then to terminate your services with VZW and move on to someone else who can better serve you.  You also say that you know people who has gotten a network extender for  What's your point?  Companies do many things for some that they don't do for others.  They are not obligated to give you anything for free.  If VZW isn't the right carrier for you in your particular area...find someone who is.  Pay whatever fee you need to pay and move on. 

If someone offered something to you for free and didn't come through...well shame on them but that still doesn't lay fault at VZW's feet because you failed to check their coverage map prior to relocating.