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We moved in an area without cable internet connection so we had to purchase home fusion wi-fo with 30 GB of data for the home. If 57% of our data use is Web why do we keep going over data. I called to ask a customer representative but he keep telling me what I was reading on my verizon site. On the video it states web pages don't use a lot of data. Can someone help please???

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Keeping data usage in check is key, sonjaD. Let's get to the bottom of this. What devices connect to your home fusion? What types of sites are typically visited? Do the sites visited have any active panes, such as video ads?

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I had a major issue with my home fusion system for the first month. In fact ... It cost me close to $1000.00 for data I DID NOT use. Customer service was a joke trying to help me with my issue. The installer did not explain the systme to me at all. Technical support was no support at all either. I "unplugged" my desktop from the router and I only connect via wireless to my desktop. I was using 14 GB every five minutes by the end of it all.  Obviously - I did not use 14 GB, but perhaps a backdoor hacker was stealing my data? Never could get any answers or solutions. Other than paying the damned bill or canceling my service. I am waiting for a class action lawsuit to jump aboard in regards to this horrible and fraudulent situation. When my contract is up ... so is home fusion!  However, since "unplugging" and turning the routher and the canteen off when not in use, my problem seems to be solved. Although I am still using way more data than I can consider based on my previous useage, at least it isn't eating up 10 - 14 GB per minute since unplugging. Good luck.