Verizon Network issues? 4G Download Speed at 0.7Mbps in 80550 Zip Code.


Starting a few weeks ago there has been a huge fluctuation in 4G speeds at my mother's home.  We use three Verizon Jetpack® 4G LTE MHS MiFi 7730L devices (one at a time) for her main internet service.  When one device gets to the 15Mb limit, we switch it off and switch on another device to avoid data being throttled back.  We have the Beyond Unlimited plan and this solution worked really well for about a month with really fast internet speeds.  Has something changed in your network recently that can explain this change in performance?  As it presently stands, this is no longer a viable solution for home internet unless we can get back to the good performance that we experienced in December.  Hoping for some good news! 

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We truly understand the need for speed, and the need for reliable internet connection at home, LUNATIC53. You came to the right place for some help. I think you have a great idea, using one then another and a third, so that you effectively get 45GB of LTE speeds. Let’s gather more details on what has changed. Would you be able to run a speed test on each one, and share the results? Please include roughly how much data each JetPack has respectively used. Are Verizon phones in the same area experiencing issues with LTE service? Have you tried using any of the JetPack devices in another location? If so, what were the results? Have there been any changes made to the devices using the JetPacks’ internet signal/stream?



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