Verizon Router Problems

I can connect to my router but connection to internet is spotty at best.  This includes Roku, Vizio, Google and Apple phones, variety of tablets, computers, printer and alarm system.  This started about a week ago.  I and my son have called Verizon numerous times and tried all their trouble-shooting steps.  Right now, my laptop is connected to the internet but phone is not although it was connected earlier today.  Is it time to buy a new router?

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When troubleshooting issues over wireless it is best to sit in the same room as the Access Point (your 4G LTE Router).  This minimizes issues with distance and interferance.  

Then run a test to see what your speeds are.  Report your findings to us.

If your numbers are within the expected range then the problem is something environmental with your WiFi.

If the numbers are not within the expected range then you may have damaged hardware or a service issue.  There are many steps you can try to isolate this problem down further.