Verizon and their lies
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I have a Jetpack 8800.  This is the worst service I have ever experienced as far as Internet is concerned.  I was promised, or lied to, saying this service had 15g of high speed data available.  My auto pay was taken out of my account yesterday.  I should have 15g high speed.  That's the big lie Verizon tells us.  There are thousands of complaints on the Internet.  Most complain of the throttling issues.  But geez, I'm on my 15g of high speed and .15 is the best I get.  I can only assume that they're now throttling the high speed, even when you haven't used up the promised 15g.

Today  I spent 5 1/2 hours on the phone with 3 different reps.  NOT ONE HAD A CLUE WHAT WAS HAPPENING.  They all read the exact same script, word for word.

It took over 20 minutes for the verizon webpage to load so I could log in.  Keep in mind, my high speed data was started from 15g yesterday when they robbed me of another $70.

Here's another kicker from Verizon.  When you call in for support they have a message that says "We're sorry you're having trouble....Good Bye", and you get disconnected from the call.

Anyone that is researching mobile hotspots should stay clear of Verizon.  They have no shame in taking your money and have absolutely no employees that have any technical background.

I have no recourse to start filing complaints with the BBB and FCC.  







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