Verizon is about to lose me as a customer!


I have been a Verizon wireless customer for many many years and they are about to lose a "valued" customer!

Here is a summary of the issues I have been having... I relocated to Silicon Valley due to my job late July 2016 and since I moved here, I have been having very bad signal issues in my place of residence. I have been talking to Verizon customer support, tech support, and the NRB department (the technical guys who know their stuff). IMPORTANT: I have to attend many global conference calls during the week and I use my phone for work, if I don't have reception, I cannot work!

Below are the steps I have taken to resolve the issue I have been having with extremely marginal signal strength in my residence.

First, I visited a VZW corporate store for support on my new issue and they swapped out my SIM card, the gentleman who helped me out thought that changing out the SIM card in my phone would help with my issue. I agreed and  proceeded with the SIM card swap. Then, he informed me that Verizon provides Samsung Network Extenders to customers with this issue. I went back home to test my new SIM and the issue is still there. I then contacted Verizon customer service to inquire about the Network Extender and the representative informed me that they do have extenders but they are not provided fee of charge and are $250. The representative at the store made no mention of price and gave the impression that the extenders were provided free of charge. I thought that showed great initiative from Verizon to help their customer with issues like mine but that was not the case.

After being on the phone for at least an hour and troubleshooting and pleading my case, I was able to negotiate the network extender price to $50 ( I still feel it should have been free of charge for being a long time loyal customer). I purchased the network extender and Verizon shipped it to my old address. This delayed me receiving the extender at least two days.

Once I received the network extender early August, I set it up and after a few hours it was working... I was a happy customer at this point.

After about three weeks my network extender stopped working. I restarted my router, and then the network extender but it did not work.Thinking maybe the location of the GPS antenna was the issue I relocated the extender and my router. to a new location and placed the GPS antenna at a different window and still no luck. The System LED was slowly blinking Red and the GPS LED was a solid Red.

I contacted Verizon again and went through troubleshooting steps with customer service and tech support (level 2). There was no resolution and they submitted a ticket. I will note that my phone is an S4 and doesn't have wifi calling. I mention this because every time I spoke to someone from Verizon they ask if I have considered upgrading my phone, my answer is "My phone was working great and it did everything I need it to do until I moved.

Before I hung up with tech support I asked to speak to a manger who can hopefully assist me in getting an upgraded phone at a lower price so I don't have to use the extender... this was a NO and the manager arranged to ship me a replacement extender. Fine.

Before receiving the second extender, my first extender suddenly began to work and worked for a couple of days and then stopped. WHAT??? I received the 2nd extender and set it up, let it do it's thing to try to acquire signal for 2 days and nothing!!! Mind you, joining conference calls with the outside noise is not acceptable and not providing a solution is worse.

I contacted customer support again and again I have to explain the issue and go through some so called troubleshooting with an agent that knows NOTHING about the extender I have. I am an expert on the extender compared to the agent that was "troubleshooting" she asked me what the LCD on the extender read, THE EXTENDER DOES NOT HAVE AN LCD!!! She then transferred me to tech support and same result as the first time, no resolution only opened two  trouble tickets.

I then received a call later that day from a technical guy from NRB who is very familiar with the network extender and signal tower sites in my area, he was perplexed as to why the extender was not receiving a signal when my are had cell sites all around it. I was as confused as him as we continued to troubleshoot. Finally, the gentleman from NRB informed me that there was no explanation for this. At this point I want Verizon to provide me a phone that works in my home!!! I have already been through enough troubleshooting to the highest level and have had no answer as to what the root cause of the issue is nor  a RESOLUTION.

I contacted customer service again today to ask for a resolution and explained the issue to level 1. Then, I was transferred over to a level 2  representative, Zach Crawford (tech support) and this guy did not seem technical. After explaining the issue (and this gets frustrating because they can take the time to read all the notes) his approach was to challenge what I am asking for. I am looking for CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, something that people with little to no understanding of what this is unfortunately are tasked with day to day. I told him I have gone through all the alternatives short of me buying a new phone, that Verizon has provided there was NO ROOT CAUSE FOUND or RESOLUTION PROVIDED. I tried explaining to him that I did not have an issue with my phone until I moved and he basically blamed the issue on me moving. Is this customer service?!?!?

I asked him if he was willing to have Verizon lose a loyal customer over this issue and he in return challenged my request.

He then tells me that I moved to a signal deficient area and I told him to read the notes from the engineer in NRB and asked him to conference him in to the call so he can explain how much signal is around my area, of course he didn't want to do that! Sorry to say this but this guys did not know what he was talking about. He had no facts or even took the time to check notes or signal levels or cell site locations before claiming my area has low signal.

He then continued to challenge me on my request for an upgraded phone that will solve my issue and then put me on hold to speak to his supervisor on my behalf, I wondered what kind of miracle he was going to pull off... He got back on the phone after a few minutes and basically told me that they could not give help me with my request. I told him again that I should not be having this issue and should be able to make and receive calls from my home. He then quoted the agreement "If you would read your agreement, Verizon guarantees their service at the original location you signed up in", REALLY, can you please show me where this is mentioned in the agreement??? So, basically if you move, you are not guaranteed service??? What kind of statement is this from the company that claims to HAVE THE BEST COVERAGE NATIONWIDE? Verizon, please train your employees!!!

Finally, I will ask again, is Verizon willing to lose a customer over this? I have not been provided any resolutions or offered any help to solve my issue.

Please contact me directly if you truly care about your customer. I hope to hear back from someone who has the capacity to help me.



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