Verizon vs. Cincinnati Bell

I am currently a Verizon customer for home phone and cell phone and Cincinnati Bell customer for cable and internet.

I wonder if i would get better cable and internet if i had all Verizon or All Cincinnati Bell?

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Verizon does not offer cable internet.  They have Fios in limited markets which is significantly better than cable internet.

It is generally a bad idea to migrate from a land line cable internet provider to a wireless internet provider.  The primary reason is data caps.  Cable providers offer a significantly higher data cap than wireless providers like Verizon.  Data usage is the #1 reported problem in the broadband area of the community and there really isn't a lot we can do to assist people when they get into trouble.

Without further information or context I suggest sticking with what you got, VZW for cellular/mobile and Bell for cable internet.

Thank you very much.