What advice is availiable for 4GLTE Jetpack connection drops?

Are there any tips to avoid 4glte jetpeck from dropping wifi signal on my devices? (Devices include Ipad Air, Ipod touch, laptop running windows, and Ipad 1st gen) I will be in the middle of an app that rquires wifi, and all of a sudden my device has no singal whatsoever. I briefly touch the on button on the jetpack to bring up the screen and in seconds it tells me ''a device is now connected...". This happens all the time, my signal on the jetpack is 3 bars or higher, but every once in a while it will drop to one bar for no reason (jetpack in same location, fully charged etc.) Also, while surfing the internet, pages stop loading entirely untill I fiddle with the jetpack again. Any feedback would be appreciated

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Erin Heather - 

Your personal techies can provide you the answers you seek. Wi-Fi disconnections can be bothersome when you are trying to use your devices. When did the issue begin? Have you tried to leave the Jetpack on and taking the battery out and placing back in? Are all of your devices up to date with their software? Please let us know what make/model Jetpack you have.
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Which Jetpack? With all Jetpacks except the Ellipsis MHS700L or Ellipsis MHS800L which doesn’t have a removable battery, disconnect external power and turn the device off, remove and reinstall the battery and remove and reinstall the SIM Card. When you put it back together, it’s not a bad idea to reset it to factory defaults and reprogram the settings such as a custom SSID and Password if necessary.