What is a jet pack hot spot

I’ve heard of this I just have no idea how it works or costs. Do it eliminate needing other internet services? Can I stream to my TV?

thx Sarah

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I would suggest that you read the other discussion threads on this community forum.

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A "Jetpack" is Verizon's branding of what is traditionally considered to be a "Mobile Hotspot" device.  There are many manufacturers and models of Mobile Hotspots such as Novatel MiFi's.  While these same manufacturers and brand names exists for other carriers, only Verizon refers to them as "Jetpacks".  A normal "Hotspot" is a WiFi service that provides guests access to a network. Like at a coffee shop or library.  Thus a "mobile hotspot" is guest internet access that you can take with you and runs off of a battery.

Hope that makes sense.

There are multiple kinds of cellular internet connection devices:

- Mobile Hotspots / Jetpacks

- USB modems

- 4G routers (both permanent and not)

Verizon offers cellular connectivity over all of these options (pending your service area).  Which one is best for you depends on your situation.  What is the best for one may not be the best for another.

Users who are typically best candidates for mobile hotspots as opposed to the other options are those who need a mobile connection and do not wish to leverage a USB connection.  If you have access to USB or only plan to use the cellular connection in one place then the other options are likely to be a better choice.

To answer your questions:

> Do it eliminate needing other internet services?

If Verizon is the best service provider and your needs can be filled with the data plans that are offered then yes.  Sometimes, like in many rural situations, Verizon and cellular carriers are the best choice.  In city situations there are often better land line based solutions.  But it all depends on what you are attempting to do!

> Can I stream to my TV?

Yes, provided the device from Verizon and the TV are compatible.  If not often times you can "Cast" from another mobile device to the TV using an App.  One way or the other the TV needs a network connection to the internet connection you are attempting to use.

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The Jetpack is a portable Hotspot device that lets you share your Verizon Wireless network connection with multiple devices. While they are connected they will use data from your monthly plan. The Hotspot is subject to the limits imposed by your data plan. It is not intended to be a permanent substitute for home landline services, especially when used for streaming. 


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