What is the normal signal strength of the network extender

I have one of the older Samsung network extenders. It is working, but my signal strength seems low. When I dial #48 it tells me that I am on the network extender, but my signal (settings > about phone > status) shows a signal strength of -113 dBm 27 asu. I am sitting in the same room within 6 feet of the extender. My signal strength icon is the special one for extenders (a little wifi icon over the bars) and usually shows 2 bars. I have turned off Advanced Calling (settings > advanced calling) because I read that somewhere. Oddly, my status bar shows 4G. Since I bought this extender in 2010 I would not expect that. I've tried turning it off/on of course. Like I said, it works, it just seems like the signal is low. I'm curious as to what other folks' signal strength shows.


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