Will a LTE Network Extender work for me?

I live in a rural area and have one of Verizon's Pre-paid plans used with an iPhone 12. I believe there is only one Verizon tower in my area so have never had more than a couple of bars but for the most part have gotten along fine traveling around and at home... except for the basement of my house.

On my main floor I get 2 bars but in my basement only one bar and at times this can affect receiving calls. Callers say I sometimes cut in and out and of course I have no issue texting from there.

Would Verizon's LTE Network Extender help my situation of a weak signal in my basement or would I just be throwing away money?

We only have one ISP in my area and it is a managed Wi-Fi so I have no access to the router's settings if this should be an issue.


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Nope. The LTE network extender requires it to be registered on a postpaid account and it is connected to a landline based Internet service provider.


Your prepaid account status and Wi-Fi style internet service are incompatible with the network extender requirements. 


I would suggest looking into a cellular booster like a Wilson booster. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.