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Which other service providers work with jetpack? I have a jetpack that I am trying to activate with a minimal plan (1GB /mo is sufficient). There is a plan that is as low as 10$/GB for NEW customers. For existing customers, Verizon prefers to OVERCHARGE.  Even so, there is a plan for 15$/mo which I cannot add on my own, and a plan for 13.80 which I cannot even SEE online? Also, the amount for new service activation is  not fixed. it is 20$ online, and 40$ if you ask a rep to help you ( and you have to ask a rep since not all their plans are shown online, there are some special ones (e.g. the 13.80$ plan) that only the agent can see ..... ) and sometimes this can be waived but I don't know what's the secret to getting the reps to help you waive it....

Why Verizon, why? Do you enjoy making life difficult for me?


PS: if i add a plan online and cancel within 14 days, I will be refunded the activation fees, right? Then I can keep doing this and skip activation fees? yes?

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Hello, blah_blah123. We're very sorry to hear about the troubles that you are experiencing with activating your jetpack. We will be more than happy to go through some steps to make sure that your jetpack is working correctly with the Verizon Wireless network. Just so that we are updated and so that we can see this from your eyes, can you please describe what is happening that tells you that the jetpack activation is not completing? Can you also please describe the steps you have taken so far in getting an account created with Verizon Wireless for your jetpack? BrettA_VZW