difference between USB modem and a jetpack

what is the difference between a Verizon USB modem and a jetpack?


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One is a stick you pop into a USB port, the other is a portable hotspot.

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audrazimmerman75, knowing the difference between a Verizon USB modem and a Jetpack is vital. A Verizon USB modem provides internet service to one device when plugged in to that device. A Verizon Jetpack can provide internet service to one or more devirces wirelessly. Take a look at a Verizon USB modem and a Jetpack side by side here. https://www.verizonwireless.com/compare-devices/verizon-jetpack-mifi-8800l&verizon-global-modem-usb7...

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USB Modems only work on a supported OS and a physical USB Port.  Drivers are necessary to communicate with the USB modem.  USB Modems also are compatible with certain home routers and can provide an auxillary cellular broadband connection when the primary broadband connection goes down.

Jetpacks do not require drivers and opperate primarily over WiFi.  The drawback with Jetpacks is that they are battery powered which is something the users have to manage.  You can convert Jetpacks into USB modems if your OS has drivers developed for it.

Depending on your situation one device is better than another.  However, they both provide access to VZWs 4G LTE Network.