extender failing to boot, step 11d

Notice extender was in the state for 5 hours. Only solution was to factory reset. Worked with Support after , but could not get root cause.

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I had a NE for Business in a failed boot state yesterday morning too.  Called VZW and made it to 2nd level who confirmed there was some kind of an outage related to the server these guys authenticate and connect to on their side.  I was advised to leave it for the rest of the day and check on it again today to see if the problem is resolved.

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We're very sorry to hear about trouble with this device. Is this issue ongoing for you? If so, please unplug it from the power source for about 10 minutes and then plug it back in and allow it to power back up. Please let me know if the issue continues.



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EricW_VZW, Have you not reviewed the numerous similar reports in the last several days which identified an OUTAGE in the Verizon LTE Extender network?

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They don't read previous posts when responding.

I can share that I noticed that 2 of my NEs for Business had firmware updates this morning.  I think the outage has something to do with the firmware upgrade based on the timing of the events.  I can see my other NE's are in a status of "Downloading software" too.  I'd assume they need a reboot and will complete the process from there.