hot spot poor quality of not working

Less than 2 weeks of Verizon Service and using new iPhone 13

2/25/23 tried to use hot spot at 554 Studebaker Street, Decatur, In. 46733,  MY Home, my Verizon hot spot loaded 1 page slow - but no other links from website page on dell laptop (one of my websites). Tried iPad would not load any page. This is in a well populated area (electric outage so I was solely on Verizon network, very disappointed). This is why I bought a plan through Verizon and the upgrade iPhone 13, that is $87.00 more per month for the same problems I had through Boost Mobile.


2/27/23 - tried to load website page on Dell laptop - not successful past main page - address ---------------------------. Went 1/8 mile east to church on Highway 49. Their network did not work. I was able to use my hotspot only through Safari on iPad (Google nor Yahoo worked for loading 1 web main page). Still very disappointed. Client also has Verizon - I asked her to call Health Care .gov from the church because talking and using hotspot on my phone will not work which is not acceptable. I tried calling and using hot spot from her house before we moved to the church to call and try internet. The call quality from her house and at the church 1/8 mile east from her home was terrible - even knowing the Rep from Health Care is on a PBX that affects call quality, the volume and sounding like the rep is at the bottom of a well is not acceptable and faint. Call quality was bad through my phone and her phone. I asked her if the reception was always this bad – she answered yes. It has been less than 2 weeks since I bought a phone and plan from Verizon. I am not able to do my job, where I need the hot spot and call quality to work - Where every client lives, which is rural areas and small towns.

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Customer Service Rep

We are so sad that you are having this experience with our service. We are sending you a Private Message. We are here to help.