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I use 2 jetpacks I have the same problem as everyone else on the forum.  I look at the app data as the jetpack can't tell me anything acurate.   It's worked fine for a year and now it starts stealing my data.  I have checked to see what is connected as I know the ring doorbells can take alot of data even doing nothing at all.   Anyways, I know my data usage from watching my phone on the exact same day.  The jetpack data goes up 3 gigbytes per day and I have not streamed video one time in the day and this has happened very many times this month.  I call verizon and get no where.  Now I use my phone and I stream HD video for 2 hours and and my data usage is 1.5 gigiabytes using the phone.


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Natswi14, I know how important it is to understand how data is being used. I am here to help. Have you tried disconnecting the Ring Doorbell from the Jetpack for a few days to see if you're still getting the same results? Here is our FAQ on how to view your data utilization and what it means: Please let us know if this helps!